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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 5

Columbus, OH-- The Journal of Short Film released
Volume 5 (Fall 2006). This volume celebrates the one-year
anniversary of the Journal and maintains its commitment to diversity,
experimentation, and independent work.

The JSF is a quarterly DVD providing its subscribers collections of
exceptional, peer-reviewed short films. It was the first DVD
publication to make the Top 10 list of BEST MAGAZINES in 2005
in TheLibrary Journal.

The biggest news surrounding Volume 5 is the JSF’s focus on a single
location of vibrant filmmaking—Philadelphia. Many of the volume’s
filmmakers come from Philadelphia, and the collection demonstrates that
exciting work is happening in different communities all over the world.

Joining the editorial board for Volume 5 was Lucy Raven, NYC-based
filmmaker and co-creator of The Relay Project. The volume’s ten films
come from veterans, students, and a variety of artists in between.
Genres like “narrative” and “documentary” fail to describe the
diversity of visions found in this collection.

1. LITTLE THINGS – James Twyford and Alex Feakes (2005, 4:45)
Everything’s a game when you’re four. Until you get caught. 2. DIRT
Chel White (1998, 4:00) A fractured tale of one man's strange
obsession. Dark and humorous, DIRT is an ecological parable for the
21st century.

3. GRAND LUNCHEONETTE – Peter Sillen (2005, 5:00) This
film documents the final days of Fred Hakim’s unforgettable 42nd Street
lunch counter. 4. THE LEGEND OF BLACK TOM – Deron Albright (2005,
16:00) When a freed slave fights for the British bare-knuckle
championship, he faces not only his opponent, but an entire nation. 5.
NOEL – Hope Tucker (2005, 5:00) A songwriter’s identity remains as
obscure as his motives for penning an American holiday standard.

6. THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF EXILE –Sara Zia Ebrahimi (2006, 12:00) A
contemplation of the connection to family in a globalized world where
fewer people live where they “came from.” Filmed in Iran.

7. YOU,STARBUCKS – Jennifer Levonian (2006, 2:05) Set in the mundane
environment of a Starbucks, a couple engages in unspoken communication.
8. Something Rubber, Something Glue – Jen Schneider (2006, 14:30)
Sibling warfare erupts over the only bathroom in the house: a private
theater for role-playing, mirror confessions, and practicing for the
“real thing.” 9. BAND OF SISTERS – Joel Fendelman (2005, 8:00) A group
of 1.15 million women and men march through Washington, D.C., in the
largest march in U.S. history. 10. REVERIES FROM CISTAE MEMORIA –
Phillip Hastings (2005, 10:35) A delicately woven dream-journey through
fragmented and reconstructed memories. Nostalgia for what may or may
not have ever happened.

The JSF continues its open submissions policy and will welcome Sam
Green as a guest editor for Volume 6 (Winter 2007). Sam’s Academy
Award-nominated film The Weather Underground sometimes overshadows the
fact that he is a renowned short film maker. The Journal is happy to
have him on board and is excited to enter its second year publishing
great independent filmmakers.

For more information go to The Journal of Short Film

Here's a good review of an earlier volume of the Journal from Curt Holman of Creative Loafing: Review of The Journal of Short Film


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