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Friday, September 22, 2006

Short Films Site From Iran

Short Film News, a site which began in Iran in 2004, has launched an English language edition at Short Film News

Marjan Riaji, the site's attractive and intelligent editor and director, says that it focuses on Iranian short films and documentaries but is also covering short film events worldwide. It has an excellent list of festivals relevant to short film makers and links to a number of Iranian short films.

In this stressful time of discord between the U.S. and Iran, arts may do more to bring us together than diplomacy. In fact, the arts are diplomacy. The universality of the human experience comes through in movies as it does in travel itself. Iran has produced top notch feature filmmakers for quite a while and if Short Film News is any guide, its short film scene is equally vibrant.

We'll be reviewing some of the short films available via links on the site. As Riaji says in her "About Us" essay, the short film form has evolved beyond being merely a filmmaker's entry to features, becoming a genre unto itself.

We hope to establish and ongoing relationship with Short Film News and other such sites worldwide, but meanwhile, go on over and have a look.


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