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Thursday, July 20, 2006

X-Gen Showing at Reel to Reel Friday Night

"X-GEN" is a feature-length dark comedy about the destruction of Generation X. It's made by Sea Shanty Films:David Brigham, Matt Long, and David Wilmington. It screens Friday,July 21 in the evening at the Reel to Reel festival in King's Mountain. The festival is a cheap date: you can watch an entire evening of shorts and features from all over the world for a mere $7.50.

SeaShanty did its first film, a short satire of 1950's educational filmstrips entitled "The Wing Nut and You!", in January of 2004. It got airplay on Second Cinema, one of our favorite shows on Time-Warner leased accessl, and on NC Visions, the very well done UNC-TV annual show featuring NC filmmakers.

They're looking at options for wider distribution, but check out their Web site for lots more about the filmmakers, their work, a photo gallery from its premiere and more.


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