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Friday, November 25, 2005

iFilm Alien Short of Anything New

href="">Alien Museum on is obvious and derivative. It does have some nice animation, but you won't see anything surprising or alien. It was old stuff when Spielberg did it.

It does have a few seconds that remind me of old Warner Brothers cartoons, which is high praise, but otherwise, it could do with a little fresh thinking.

Aliens have become commonplace images in our culture. They've been the subject of "Take me to your leader" cartoons since the 1950s and while they may or may not be here for real, they have certainly found a place in our cultural image bank. The only way to work effectively with these cultural icons is to turn them upside down or inside out. This film, on the other, hand, is merely another instance of the cultural sterotype without exploring beyond it.


Rating: 10 of 24 frames.


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