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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Flicka Brings Electrons to Life

"Flicka," a short film over at from the Netherlands, is part of a 21st century genre, the digital-video romance.

Science fiction writer Terry Bisson did a terrific take on this in his short story "Office Romance." It also reminds me a little of the old black and white "Twilight Zone" episode about the man emprisoned on a lonely asteroid who falls in love with his female android (robot) companion.

Robot love. Electron love. Video passion.

The film, directed by Guido van Gennep and Marco Vermaas, has a dystopian look reminiscent of many a sci-fi future, even if this one is already here. I find that interesting, present film that reminds me of past futures. Yesterday's tommorows here today.

On the other hand, the purely virtual/visual romance Victor Low portrays for Helena Reijn as an electronic woman running out of virtual food Low can no longer purchase, is shallow and superficial at a level that questions our image addiction.

I was particularly impressed by the location sets and impression of a world just a bit different from ours suggested in "Flicka." The acting is also solid. All in all a fine piece of work.

Rating: 17.5 of 24 frames.


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