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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Doggone Good 64 Second Film

We visited 64 and viewed lots of the early entries.

"Inverse Universe," by Chris Chappel of Van Nuys, CA under the film category, picture of the dog -- who also cameos in the short movie-- is our favorite. Entered in the "Waitless" contest that's ongoing at the moment, it uses clever special effects as convinging in DV as Spielberg or Lucas pyrotechnics via Dreamworks or assorted pixel magic.

The film maker says he made it in two days on DV. Very impressive. You'll be asking yourself, "how did he do that?" I sure did.

The scene where he moves his feet when seemingly floating above tile while standing in front of an ordinary kitchen sink is convincing. The weightless movement of bowls adn a dog treat, which grabs the bemused attention of a real dog, is convincing.

All this makes the weightlessnes (waitlessly) convincing.

For a two-day DV production, this short, entertaining film suggests real talent by Chis Chappell.

Rating: 18 of 24 frames. Effects 22 of 24 frames.


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