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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Perils of Nude Modeling

I caught "The Perils of Nude Modeling," by writer-director Scott Rice at the Riverrun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, in the wonderful studio/theatre complex that looks like a Hollywood backlot.

The ten-minute film pits an art student against a tyranical professor and a seductive nude model who makes a mouthed suggestion that disrupts the hero's focus, to say the least. The model, played by the luscious, yet earthy Estephania LaBaron,
entices the harried art student to break the unwritten but understood no-contact contract between artist and nude model. You see quite a bit of Estphania in this film, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. I especially enjoyed her look of pleasure when she sees the art student's final drawing.

You can watch it at Perils of Nude Modeling

I'm impressed by the lush cinematography, tight editing, frenzied pace and perfect climax to this piece, which is also included on the DVD that comes with the "Student International Film Festival" book that includes director interviews and a handful of other worthy short films.

This saw a lot of small film festival play in 2005. Students make these as showcase pieces, and they are just that, although you seldom see one as polished as this one is. You'll feel the pressure as the art student rips his drawing sheet to the next just in time to prevent his professor from casting him out of the class. It's a mini-drama with rising tension and a nicely fulfilling conclusion. The sound, acting, and direction are all as professional as anything Hollywood produces while the concept and execution are rather better than lots of features I see (the perils of movie don't just see the good films).

LaBaron gives the harried artist a downright Chaplinesque look when she sheds her naked beauty and dons studentish glasses at the very end when they connect in a lovely film moment that collects all the movie's tensions and completes the plot arc in a throughly satisfying manner.

Repeated viewings of this short film only increased my admiration for its ability to create the full-fledged movie experience in such a short time-span.

Anyway, "Perils of Nude Modeling" is highly recommended. Give it a look. It's in the running for the first of our Short Attention Span Theatre Awards.

Rice also directed the Atom films hit Pillowfight.

Rating: 18 of 24 frames...


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