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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Project TV Short Film Contest offers loot

TheProject.TV is a new online entertainment platform for launching film projects and contests that give producers & directors the opportunity to display their work and be recognized & rewarded for their efforts. Projects hosted on this site may be public or private and are geared towards the independent producer and director. Work for hire projects will also be posted to our site in an effort to create not only a viewing platform, but a market place for buyers and producers.

TheProject.TV will host a series of contests in an effort to build a viewing audience which centers on the producers & directors and their ability to create quality content. The more popular your films are, the greater your chances are of winning the contests and developing business relationships with traditional and online media and entertainment companies.

Project 1: 3 Episode Short Film Mini Series Contest

To kick off TheProject.TV website and create awareness, the first of several projects launched will be a Short Film Contest for enrolled College and University film students. Similar to American Idol and other Reality TV mini series, the contest uses a process of elimination to determine a winner. In order to win, a Director’s short film mini series must successfully make it through 3 rounds of new episodes without being eliminated by popular vote. The winners are those Producer/Directors whose film episodes received the most votes in the final round.

Prizes awarded the winners are as follows:

First Place - $25,000 Cash + Prizes
Second Place - $10,000 Cash
Third Place - $5,000 Cash

Get the lowdown here: Project TV Short Film Contest


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