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Sunday, January 22, 2006

View Sundance Shorts Online

I’ve started watching the Sundance short films available at the festival Web site. These are not your average short films. I watched four in succession and each held me with expert use of the digital medium, compelling imagery, intriguing stories or ideas or both, and clever execution.

I learned these would be online from one of the film-makers, who stumbled upon our site a while back. I’m glad he alerted me.

I would hate to miss an opportunity to view this selection of short movies, all I’ve seen so far done on digital video, but expertly enough to give me a film experience.

I’m far from evaluating any of these films as much as I might over time and reviewings. But I know this: if you care about short films or in fact, films, period, you should have a look at these. I don’t know how long they’ll remain available.

Here’s the link:


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