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Friday, January 06, 2006

Dual Gives Spielberg Classic Legs

"Dual," made by Wilmington, NC filmmakers, really shows what you can do with not only film but also with the Internet if you want to make a showpiece.

This short film, like the film that inspired it -- Stephen Spielberg's "Duel", which happens to be showing on the Sundance cable channels this month (January, 2006) is one long chase scene. Also like Spielberg's, this "Dual" manages to keep the tension high, aided by Philip Glass-like minimalist thriller music, a wicked pace, and a situation easy to imagine oneself experiencing in today's weird world.

This is sophisticated short filmmaking. Reading reviews from others, I'm continuously amused by the way reaction to films is most certainly in the eye of the beholder. Some found it pointless or boring, while others found it as stimulating and interesting a piece of short film making as I do.

I still don't hesitate to recommend it, but obviously, it's not for everyone. Personally, I'd be proud of this one. Buckley Hubbard gets writing/directing credits. I enjoy minor touches, such as the cigar the runner substituting for Spielberg's faceless trucker smokes (the diesel smokestack of the semi) and similar clever correspondances to the original.

If you've got the bandwidth to handle the full download with alternate versions and assorted left turns during the chase, by all means give it a try. It's interactive city as you make decisions for the runner. You be the director.

I'd give Dual 22 of 24 frames on the short attention span theatre scale.


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