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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Harold Bloom is About to Die at iFilm

Harold Bloom is About to Die is among the top five most popular short comedies at

Harold (Jeffrey Weissman) is anxiously waiting for his date and hoping to score when hooded Death (Ryan DoRemus) shows up and says it's time to move on to the next life.

"Jesus Christ," swears Harold.
"No, I'm Death," the hooded figure answers.

Harold begs for a little extra time because he's a virgin (this 2002 short preceeded the currently popular feature about the 40-year-old virgin).

"Get a move on," Death says. "I've got an earthquake about to happen in Asia."

The whole 11 and a half minute film is vulgar but amusing. It reminds me a bit of Woody Allen's play, "Death Knocks," which would make a good short film itself. Director Anthony Piersanti is no Woody Allen, however.

Death and Harold both overact when restraint is called for. DoRemus would have done well to emulate Frederick March's creepy, underplayed Death in "Death Takes a Holiday." Playing straight makes comedy work.

Still, I got few laughs from this and it's worth a look.

17 of 24 frames on the Short Film Review Scale. Not really a


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