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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rest of Sundance Short Film Lineup

Here's the rest of the impressive lineup of short films scheduled at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

The Sundance site offers its own short films about the festival and they're an insider's look at what's going on. It's a perfect touch for a film fest Web site and we're betting you'll see more of the same for other festivals in the coming year(s).

The festival's "Frontier" shorts program looks particularly interesting.

Here's the animated, frontier, and international shorts lineup:

Animated Shorts
FABLE (Director: Daniel Sousa)—A woman and man's passions are overshadowed by their predatory instincts.
FUMI AND THE BAD LUCK FOOT (Director: David Chai)—The story of Fumi and her extremely unlucky foot, including a shotgun barrage, wild moose attack, and infant electrocution.
GOPHER BROKE (Director: Jeff Fowler)— No matter how hungry a gopher may be there is no free lunch.
HADACOL CHRISTMAS (Director: Brent Green)— Santa Claus invents Christmas with a belly
full of cough syrup and a head full of dying crows.
LOS ABCS: ¡QUE VIVAN LOS MUERTOS! (Director: John Jota Leaños)—Do you remember
your ABCs? No? Well, you’re in luck. Sing along with this group of animated Mariachi social documentarians.
THE WRAITH OF COBBLE HILL (Director: Adam Parrish King)—It's up to Felix to either
reciprocate the benevolence shown him, or perpetuate the neglect handed down as a family legacy.

This year's collection of shorts from around the world offers a compelling look at stories about leaving home, crossing borders, fitting in, living with war, meditations on poetry and life, Aboriginal culture and cow tipping.

Dramatic Shorts
ANTONIO'S BREAKFAST / UK (Director: Daniel Mulloy)—A young man and his friends make room for a father's needs.
ARUBA / Canada (Director: Hubert Davis)—With domestic violence and drug abuse at home, a young boy's only escape is through his imagination.
BAWKE / Norway (Director: Hisham Zaman)—A father is forced to choose between two evils to provide for his son's future.
THE BEGINNING OF THE END / Brazil (Director: Gustavo Spolidoro)—A man struggles to maintain normalcy in a home besieged by war.
BE QUIET / France (Director: Sameh Zoabi)—A simple car trip is beset by politically charged tension and a militarized reality.
BEFORE DAWN / Hungary (Director: Bálint Kenyeres)—Before dawn, people will rise and other people will take away their hope.
DESEJO / Brazil (Director: Anne Pinheiro Guimarães)—A journey into the psyche of Atanasio, a doorman in Copacabana.
EXOTICORE / Belgium (Director: Nicolas Provost)—An immigrant from Burkina Faso attempts to integrate into Norwegian society.
LE ROUGE AU SOL/ Canada (Director: Maxime Giroux)—After hitting rock-bottom, a man shares his feelings with his mother as they drive to Ikea.
MONSIEUR ETIENNE / France (Director: Yann Chayia)—An elderly man cannot decide which of his friend's funerals he should attend on the same day.
THE NATURAL ROUTE / Spain (Director: Álex Pastor)—Soon Divad will find out that his destiny is already written and that he can’t do anything to change it.
A SUPERMARKET LOVE SONG / UK (Director: Daniel Outram)—A teenage girl on community service takes an old man to the supermarket. A love story in a minor key.

Documentary Shorts
RAPE FOR WHO I AM / South Africa (Director: Lovinsa Kavuma)—An insight into the lives of South Africa’s black lesbians who, raped because of their sexuality, refuse to become victims.
SMUDGE / Canada (Director: Gail Maurice)—Witness how a small group of Aboriginal women celebrate their rights to worship in the city their way.
UNDRESSING MY MOTHER / Ireland (Director: Ken Wardrop)—A poignant documentary that explores a woman’s unique take on her overweight and aging body.

Animated Shorts
AT THE QUINTE HOTEL / Canada (Director: Bruce Alcock)—In an incredible animated version of the Al Purdy poem, a man waxes on about beer and flowers in a small-town basement tavern.
BOB LOG III'S ELECTRIC FENCE STORY / Germany (Director: Stock 'n' Wolf )—Big difficulties are encountered by Bob Log III in the Black Forest while trying to knock over sleeping cows.
CLARA / Australia (Director: Van Sowerwine)—A twelve year old girl's world has just changed forever.
FLESH/ France (Director: Edouard Salier)—The Empire unveils everything but sees nothing and its enemies idealize everything but tolerate nothing. For some it’s the earthly orgasm of virtual whores, while for others the eternal orgasm of 70 heavenly virgins.
A HALF MAN / Canada (Director: Firas Momani)—A half of a man has trouble living in society without his organs falling out.
THE MYSTERIOUS GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS OF JASPER MORELLO / Australia (Director: Anthony Lucas)—In a fantasy future, a navigator goes on a journey to find a cure for the plague killing his fiancee.
YESTERDAY, I THINK / UK (Director: Becalelis Brodskis)—Once there was a baby that made those around him hate...

FRONTIER SHORT FILMS The Festival’s Frontier short film section presents nine films that represent new directions in filmmaking. Utilizing experimental and innovative aesthetic approaches, work in the Frontier category challenges and provokes.

THE BLEEDING HEART OF IT / Canada (Director: Louise Bourque)—The house that bursts;
the scene of the crime; the nucleus. A universe collapses on itself: all hell breaks loose.
FANTOME AFRIQUE / UK (Director: Isaac Julien)—Cinematic and architectural references are weaved through the rich imagery of urban Ouagadougou, the center for cinema in Africa, and the arid spaces of rural Burkina Faso.
HIGH PLAINS WINTER / USA (Directors: Cindy Stillwell)—The cold and magnificent times of a Montana town.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR A LIGHT AND SOUND MACHINE / Austria (Director: Peter Tscherkassky)—An attempt to transform a Roman Western into a Greek tragedy.
QUIMERA / Brazil (Director: Eryk Rocha)—Man and cat are melting at the invisible limit of their bodies, made of rumors from a mythical creature, a new animal.
SITE SPECIFIC_LAS VEGAS 05 / Italy (Director: Olivo Barbieri)—One-hundred years after it's foundation and seemingly impermeable to the energy crises and terrorism which face the world today, what has become of Las Vegas?
TRUE NORTH / USA (Director: Isaac Julien)—One of the key members of Robert E. Peary’s 1909 Arctic expedition, Matthew Henson, an African-American, was arguably the first person to reach the North Pole.
UTEN TITTEL / Norway (Director: Anja Breien)—A poetic film about a cruel theme, told in a way that doesn't make the spectators close their eyes.
VISCERA / USA (Director: Leighton Pierce)—Flowing video explores absence and how absence transforms and influences perception, memory, and imagination.


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