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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pillowfight Grinds To a Climax

Director Scott Rice did "Pillowfight," a 4:24 minute short in 2004 and it's a taut little drama. My ex wife used to grind her teeth and it's more disturbuing than you actually experience here. It's a viscerally disturbing sound and sensation. Rice, who dedicates this short to his wife, captures a sense of true love no-matter-what in this little film.

The poor protagonist's wife also snores. "It's just epiglotal thrust," a loud snoring friend of mine once said at camp. "Epiglotal my patooty. I'm gonna shove that epiglotis up your backside," another camp roommate said. Craig Cline, here, playing the husband, does rather better by Stephanie Etie in this miniature love story.

We love Rice's "Perils of Nude Modeling," short reviewed earlier on this blog, which we fortunately saw orignally on a big screen at Winston-Salem's (NC) fine Riverrun International Film Festival in 2005 and then again on a fine dvd transfer with the book "International Short Film Festival," and yet again on, where you can also catch "Pillowfight."

It's another tight, focused, expertly told, technically effective, and moving short.

This guy knows how to make a short film. I'm betting he's going to have a lucrative career doing just that if he wants, although feature producers are likely to come a calling too.


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