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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Short Film Archive Has Lofty Goals

Another excellent resource for those interested in short films, particularly their history and development from the beginning of film to the present, which we found via "The Short Sheet" is the UNLV Short Film Archive.

Here's their mission statement from the site:

"The goal of the UNLV Short Film Archive is to establish a comprehensive collection of significant short films from all over the world from the beginning of filmmaking to the present.

"The cornerstone of the archive will be the Archive 100, the one-hundred most significant shorts, culturally, historically or aesthetically, selected by an international panel of film historians, recognized film festival programmers, film producers, directors, distributors and recognized short film scholars.

"The UNLV Short Film Archive will acquire, preserve, restore and archive these most important shorts and subsequently make them available to an international constituency of acade
mic faculty, scholars, students and professionals."

We wish them well with their goals and plan to send them some continuing traffic as we review some of the archived films and keep you posted on what they're up to.


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