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Thursday, February 09, 2006

IFC Short Web Movies Go to TV

IFC plans to show short films selected from those submitted to their Website, where viewers will decide which get a run on the cable channel between features. Ya gotta love IFC for everything they do if you're a fan of Indie cinema.

They're going to be on the forefront of giving short films an excellent venue for exposure, evaluation and evolution.

Let's face it, it you're a "movie geek" as Quentin Tarantino likes to put it, independent films deliver a lot more punch than a whole lotta Hollywood fodder aimed at making a buck, and IFC brings them to us properly, without commercials, widescreen, and uncut. I don't mind a movie actually making money. But my favorite films these days are small flicks like "Junebug."

Yet, I also loved Peter Jackson's "King Kong," which many another movie buff liked as much as I did. That's the only movie over two hours, let alone three, that I ever made it through without going to the bathroom at least once. Must be the caffiene in those diet cokes. Those in-jokes recursively referring back to the original were absolutely hilarious and kinda moving at the same time.

But I digress. Then again, what the heck would a blog be without digressions? It's such a pleasurably personal form of communication, rather free of a certain commercial influence that subtly affects so much journalism these days.

I guess the key points I'm flapping around here are that indie films show what you can do with minimal budgets and maximum creativity, while the opposite is often true from major studios.

One of the reasons I love short films is that they show so much creativity. You see technical expertise at dazzling and visually compelling levels that makes you overlook many of their, pardon the pun, short-comings.

I'd love to see more short film makers focus on creating a really strong, moving, effective short movie with a satisfying climax. "Gopher Broke," "Exoticore," "Moma's Boy," and "Robin's Big Date," among some others, managed this fairly well among those at this year's Sundance festival (see earlier reviews of same or look for forthcoming ones).

Here's the piece about IFC's new short film initiative, which supports my contention that short films are going to acquire a major media significance faster than you can say abracadabra. Well, maybe not quite THAT fast. But pretty quick, my compadres.

IFC Web Movies


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